The Grant Fund was set up in order to offer one or several grants every year to Canadian students, researchers or professionals under the age of 40 pursuing graduate studies, carrying out specialized research or taking part in advanced training at institutions recognized in the field of immovable cultural heritage. Projects related to summer jobs are not eligible.

It is possible to submit a team application. The team must be multidisciplinary. In this case, the documentation accompanying the application must concern all team members. The project manager must meet all of the requirements for an application but, in addition, each team member must submit his/her resume and demonstrate his/her interest and ability to participate fully in the project.

Studies, research and internships must be carried out abroad or, if in Canada, outside of the applicant's province of origin or residence and must be aimed at increasing the knowledge or practical skills needed to help protect, enhance or manage immovable cultural heritage.

The total amount of the grants awarded annually is determined according to the Fund’s performance on capital markets.

The deadline for submitting application is June 15