To be eligible, applicants must be Canadian citizens, be under the age of 40 and be members in good standing of ICOMOS Canada or have requested a membership status at the time the application is submitted.

Applicants must have pursued undergraduate studies, have carried out research or be employed by a company or institution working towards preserving and/or enhancing immovable cultural heritage.

Applicants who are students must have obtained a grade of 8+ or the equivalent upon completing their undergraduate studies. Applications must be supported by at least two letters of recommendation from professors.

Applicants who are researchers must define the context of their research, explain the results of previous research projects and provide a letter of support from their supervisor.

Applicants who are professionals must describe the projects on which they have collaborated and their level of responsibility in each project and provide a letter of recommendation from a person renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the relevant area of study.

All study, research or internship proposals must clearly demonstrate that applicants will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills and assert their proficiency in the field.

Applicants must provide a confirmation of admission to the institution at which they wish to carry out their project. If applicants are unable to provide a confirmation of admission, they must prove that they have submitted an admission application to the institution and that they meet all the requirements for admission.

The host institution must be located outside of Canada or, if located in Canada, outside the applicant’s province of origin or residence.
Applicants must submit the duly completed online application form available in the ‘Grant Application Form’ section and provide a copy of all required documents, notably his/her curriculum vitae, proof of Canadian citizenship, university transcript or research results or professional achievements, letters of support as well as a personally written cover letter attesting to his/her interest in preserving and enhancing immovable cultural heritage.

Applicants must provide a description of their proposed studies, research or internship and attach all documents that will help the Committee to clearly understand the nature, scope and duration of the project. Requested documents are listed in the Grant Application form.

Applicants must provide the name and contact information of the institution at which they plan to carry out their project as well as a confirmation of admission to the institution or, failing that, a copy of the admission application and the program’s admission requirements.

Applicants must prove that they are members in good standing of ICOMOS Canada or that they have requested a membership status.
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Application form

Applications must be submitted by email using the following address:

For any further information:
2008 Cultural Heritage Grant Fund
C/O Fondation Québec Philanthrope
3100, avenue du Bourg-Royal, bureau 201
Québec (Québec) G1C 5S7

Phone: 418.521.6664
Fax: 418.521.6668

The deadline for submitting applications is June 15.

The Fund Committee will make its decision no later than July 15.

The deadline for submitting application is June 15