The Fund Committee awards grants based on merit. Applications are evaluated by a jury on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Compliance with the requirements of the call for nominations
  • Quality of the candidate’s CV and relevance of the project in his/her career path
  • Originality and innovative nature of the project
  • Project outreach on the practice of conservation
  • Budget and schedule
  • Quality of the presentation

  • Every year, the Committee will award one or several grants and the amount of the grants will be determined according to circumstances. The Committee’s decisions are final.

    Depending on the performance of the Fund, the Committee hopes to award no less than $3,000 annually. The Committee and recipient(s) will jointly establish the grant payment schedule. However, an amount of $500 will always be retained until applicants have submitted their final study, research or internship report. Reports must be submitted to the Fund Committee no later than 30 days after the end of the activity. Applicants failing to do so will not be able to claim this amount.

    Grants must be claimed within one year after the date they were awarded.

    Applicants wishing to extend their studies, research or internship can apply only once for a grant renewal. Applicants must justify their request and applications must have the support of the host institution. Requests will be reviewed based on merit.

    The deadline for submitting application is June 15